Wednesday Wedding Tips

Wednesday Wedding Tips- A Weekly Video Series

Yes, I know today isn’t Wednesday; I’m not confused. Yesterday I started a weekly video segment called Wednesday Wedding Tips, so I thought I’d share about it today.

Wednesday Wedding Tips- A Weekly Video Series

Many of you already know that I believe heavily in educating and helping brides. I want everyone to have the best experience they can, so I write these blog posts and give tips to help make that happen. I’ve seen a lot over the years, and it would be horrible of me not to share the lessons I’ve learned.

Wednesday Wedding Tips

With all of that said, I’ve decided to add a new format to it all. Every Wednesday (or for as long as I can go), I will create a video with helpful wedding information. It might be photography related or just general wedding tips. I plan on switching it up.

Where can you see it?

My goal is to start with a Facebook Live video around 12:30. I think a good chunk of people will be on a break or lunch around then. Facebook is probably the most popular feed, so people will see it and be able to interact live. I’ll do my best to respond while live. Later, I’ll take that video and add it to YouTube and possibly a blog post.

Right now the quality of the video wasn’t great (see the first episode here). I was using a webcam and the lighting was off. I’m hoping to buy a device today that allows me to use a real camera instead, so that should make it look much nicer.


I’m really hoping this helps out a lot of people. I want to give some solid tips that people aren’t aware of. If you’re interested in learning or just want to see more of my new puppy, make sure you friend me on Facebook, follow our Facebook page, or follow us on YouTube.

For now, I’d really appreciate it if you gave me some ideas for content. Is there something that went horribly wrong at your wedding or something really different that you did? Is there anything you’d like me to talk about? I’d love to hear all of it, so just send me a note or write a comment, and you might get a shout out on a future Wednesday Wedding Tips.

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