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Wednesday Wedding Tips- How to Create a Wedding Dance Party

Here we are, week 2 of the Wednesday Wedding Tips. I was feeling a bit out of it today due to some sickness, but I still went ahead and made a video. Sometimes you just have to fight through. Anyway, today we are looking at how to create a wedding dance party.

How to Create a Wedding Dance Party

First off, let me say that not all brides want a crazy dance party. Many are content with sitting around and talking. If you are one of those brides, that’s completely cool. You should get what you want on your wedding day.

The problem is that a lot of brides want dancing, but it ends up being a few little kids or the same two adults out there the whole time. Let’s look at how to get that dance floor full.

Hire a DJ

The first tip is to hire a DJ. An iPhone and playlist won’t get it done. They are professionals at playing music and creating a party. They know what songs to play and when. They’ve also got some tricks up their sleeves to get people out on the dance floor like doing a group photo.

How to Create a Wedding Dance Party

I will say that not all DJs are the same. Some are much more involved and outgoing, while others just sit back and play music. Make sure you find one that is willing to get involved to get people out there.

Create a Good Environment

No one wants to dance in a small, crowded corner or near a bathroom. When you are planning your layout, make sure you make choose a place that is going to be good for dancing. You want to have enough space and where people can see it. You also don’t want to put it outside if there is rain or if it’s cold.

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Get em liquored up!

Alcohol tends to give people courage and get them out there dancing. I’m not saying you have to have alcohol to have a good time, but it does seem to help with certain people. The big key is to not let anyone get too drunk because then they’ll actually scare everyone off the dance floor. Don’t be that guy!

Know your crowd

I’m old, and the older I get the earlier I want to go to bed and the less energy I have for fun things like dancing. You need to take a look at the people you expect to be at your wedding. Will it be a younger crowd? An older crowd? More laid back? If you have the wrong crowd, it can be very difficult to get them up and dancing. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to control this except get new friends.

groomsmen dancing and sliding

Lead by Example

Guests are here to see the bride and groom. They will follow and do whatever it is they are doing. If you want your guests to be out dancing, you need to be out there. They will see you on the floor, having fun, and they will come out there to be with you. The opposite is true. If you are sitting in a corner, they will come find you there.

crazy dancing at wedding

I think every couple wants there wedding to be exciting and fun for their guests. One of the easiest ways to make it fun is to have dancing. If you follow some of these tips, you’ll have a better chance of getting everyone out of their chairs and grooving to the music!

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