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Wednesday Wedding Tips- Should I use Pinterest for my Wedding?

The world is so connected these days. You can go online and find all types of things from how to “Hello” in Swahili to what food was served at the royal wedding. One place brides consistently use for wedding ideas is Pinterest. I hear it all the time, “I saw it on Pinterest,” or “You’ve got to see my Pinterest board.” I’m all for brides using Pinterest for their wedding, but there are some issues that can definitely come up. Today, on Wednesday Wedding Tips, we look at the question “Should I use Pinterest for my wedding?”

Wednesday Wedding Tips- Should I use Pinterest for my Wedding?

If you somehow don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a website where people can post photos of basically everything. Users can then search through Pinterest for different things and “pin” it to a board they’ve created. It’s basically a way of saving and organizing photos that serve some kind of inspiration. People will use it for recipes, outfits, crafts, and planning weddings.

Let’s look at the good side of things. Pinterest does help people plan and organize their wedding. You can find tons of awesome ideas out there, and Pinterest is a great way to keep all of those ideas together. If you are one of those brides that doesn’t have a planner or isn’t really into planning or creating, Pinterest can be a big help! You can find styles for your dress, flower arrangements, and cake designs. It’s all there.

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Pinterest can cause some problems, though. This doesn’t always happen, and I haven’t seen it a lot, but it is something to consider.  First, Pinterest can be overwhelming for you. You might get obsessed with it and spend too much time going through it. You think you know what you want, but then you see something else and you have to start all over again. You also have to be careful of just throwing a bunch of random things together. Just because you like this cake and these flowers and this dress doesn’t mean it all works together. Find a central theme or idea and stick to that. Second, Pinterest can cause issues for your vendors. People have a budget and some of the stuff on Pinterest is crazy expensive. Then, the bride comes to a vendor and wants them to do the same thing. That’s not always possible. This can happen with photos as well. Just because you saw a photo doesn’t mean I can reproduce it. There are limiting factors that can just not make it possible. Third, Pinterest can kill all creativity. If all you do is find things off of Pinterest, you are just copying someone else’s ideas. Your wedding should be about you. Try to find some things that really represent who you are.

Should I use Pinterest for my Wedding

Pinterest is not bad, but like most things, when it is overused, it can cause problems. Feel free to use Pinterest, but make sure you aren’t letting it run your life or your wedding. If you feel like you’re getting there, I’d say just stop and figure out a better way to get ideas. I hope this was helpful and your wedding planning goes wonderfully!

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