What are your photos worth?

Alright, so I finally got around to what I promised back in a previous blog. I’m now shooting webinars and photography videos! I honestly don’t know how often I will be putting them out, but please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channels, you will be automatically informed when I produce something new. Anyway, in this video today, and talk about what are your photos worth. The whole thing was started from a conversation I had with a lady today, but it’s something I hear all the time. Feel free to watch the video below or check out the summary.

People often don’t want to spend more than $200 on photos. To me, that’s a really low number. Think about how much money you spend on things on a daily or weekly basis. How much money do you spend on going out to eat in a month? How much do you spend on different forms of entertainment like movies, video games, or your cell phone? I guarantee you spend over $200 a month on those things, and are they more valuable than your memories? I sure hope not. The photos are going to be the way you remember your children, and they might be the only way future generations see a family member. That sure seems worth more than $200 to me.

Today everyone has a camera with them on their phones, so they think they don’t need to hire a professional. That might be true. It really depends on the quality you are looking for. Are you ok with blurry, underexposed photos? Are you ok with not being able to get a photo in a certain situation because you don’t understand how a camera works? Some people are perfectly fine with cell phone quality photos and that’s fine. Lot’s of people love Great Value brand. Me personally, I want something nicer for my memories. I want photos that look good and really capture my children. I want to be able to pass those down for other people to see in a hundred years. I just don’t see that happening with a cell phone.

Everyone is different and everyone feels differently about the cost of photos. I just ask that you think about these things the next time you spend $35 on a dinner, but aren’t willing to pay for photos. What are your photos worth? Are they worth more than a big greasy meal?

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