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Where to Find Your Future Fiancé

Ha, I hope you love the title of this post as much as I do. So I’m not some kind of love expert (trolls reference), but I do hang out with couples all the time and hear their stories. If you’re wondering where to find your future fiancé, keep reading to find out the most common things I hear from my happy couples.

Where to Find Your Future Fiancé

School or work

For most people, they will meet the one in their day to day life, and people spend the majority of their time either at school or work. That’s exactly how I met my wife. We were in the same class, and we just happened to sign up for the same time period to do some observations. We ended up at Head Start together and that’s where we started talking.

engagement photo in high grass

As you’re going about either school or work, keep an eye out for all the other people Is there anyone that you enjoy talking with or anyone that seems interested? You’re around these people all day, so that gives you plenty of chances to interact and get to know them before getting too serious.

One quick warning. These are the people you are around on a daily basis, so be careful. If you get into a relationship and then it goes bad, things could be pretty awkward. Imagine how strange work would be every day with your angry ex there.

Family and Friends

Do you have any really close friends that you really trust? Do you have a great relationship with your family? If so, both of these groups could help you find that future bride or husband. When you’re the only one looking for that special one, you’re limited to the people you run into. That’s a relatively small number. Imagine the number of candidates if you considered everyone your friends and family knows.

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I imagine this route is a bit scary. Do you think your mother knows what type of person you want or need? Will you be bombarded by all everyone if you let them start setting you up? That really can be an issue. First, I’d make it very clear the type of person you’re looking for. Give them some kind of description or list or something to go by. Second, I’d make it very clear how much help you want. Do you want updates every day or like one person a month? Do you want to hear from everyone or just a select group? I really think family and friends can be a good way to find the one, but make sure you let everyone know what you want.

Dating Websites and Apps

When I was younger, dating websites kind of had a bad rep. Now, though, it seems like most people are meeting on a dating website or dating app. I guess this might have to do with how often people are on their phones or maybe there are just a ton more out there. Either way, it seems like they are working.

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I’m sure everyone knows it, but you definitely have to be careful when dealing with the internet. There are all types of weirdos out there, and people can pretend to be anything (catfish). Make sure you do your research before meeting up with anyone. Find out a good chunk of info about them and have a real conversation with them, either Facetime or a phone call.


Finding your future fiance is a difficult process, but it really is worth it. It might be a short process for some (6-18 months) and others it might take years. I’m sure you’ll meet a good amount of people you aren’t interested in, but if you continue, you’ll eventually find the person to spend your life with.

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