Photos on the Fayetteville Square

Engagement Shoot on the Fayetteville Square: Whitney and James

I admit that being in front of a camera can be pretty overwhelming. You worry about your smile, your hands, and in general how you look. At least I know I do, and that’s probably why you’ll only see me on one side of a camera. I’ve found that some people get nervous in front of a camera, and it’s my job to fix that. I recently did an engagement shoot on the Fayetteville Square with Whitney and James, and I think they felt like I do in front of a camera. Well, after a few minutes, things got rolling and they got some amazing photos!

Engagement Shoot on the Fayetteville Square: Whitney and James

So, you might be wondering about my tricks for making people feel better and getting them to relax in front of a camera. Honestly, it’s pretty simple. I just talk to them and try to have a good time. That’s really all it takes. I love meeting new people, so at engagement sessions, I’m asking all sorts of questions and trying to figure people out. From there, I just enjoy it and have a real conversation with them. Once we get talking, people tend to forget about the photos and start just having fun.

engagement shoot on the Fayetteville Square engagement photos leaning on fiance Photos on the Fayetteville Square

During our session, I found out some pretty cool things about Whitney and James. One, police officers are not the same thing as a County Sheriff. I never really understood the difference, but apparently, police officers are for a city while a County Sheriff covers a much larger area. Now that I think about it, I should have known that from the names. Anyway. I also found out that Whitney knows all about the Kinesiology world at the U of A (my major from back in the day). That was fun because we got to talk about classes and everything.

engagement photo leaning against brick wall black and white engagement photo in Fayetteville engagement photos on steps

I think our Engagement Shoot on the Fayetteville Square was maybe 45 minutes, but in that time, I saw these two start to relax and have fun. More importantly, I learned some cool things about them, and they got some beautiful photos.

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