Why I’m a Wedding Photographer

About a week ago I told my background story of how I became a wedding photographer, but in the blog I didn’t really have time to explain why I’m a wedding photographer. I know those sound pretty similar, but there’s a big difference between how and why. Today I’ll talk more about wedding photographer in general and what I love about it.

Why I’m a Wedding Photographer

In the 15 years or so I have been doing photography, I have shot all different types of things: babies, families, sports, houses, senior portraits, events, and weddings. I do enjoy shooting all of these things, but wedding photography has been the one that has stuck out above all the others. There is something amazing about it that all the others don’t have.

Weddings are a Mixture of Photography

Reasons to be a wedding photographer exciting receptions

If you plan on starting in the wedding photography world, you’ll need to be skilled in several different fields of photography. As a wedding photographer, you have to be good at shooting details, portraits, groups, action, and events. If you are lacking of any of those areas, you will struggle. I love that there are so many different things involved. It keeps the day interesting, and I never get bored because I’m constantly switching to different things.

Weddings are Full of Emotions

Why I'm a wedding Photographer emotional father daughter dance

Weddings are an explosion of emotion and it is intoxicating being in the mix of it. You’ve got nervousness, anticipation, happiness, and excitement as the day progresses, and I get to be there capturing it all. The best thing is that so many people are happy that I am there and excited about what I am doing. I’ve had jobs in the past where people didn’t care about what I did and some even made my daily life miserable. Weddings are the complete opposite.

Each Wedding is Unique

Uniqueness of Wedding Photography

Like I said earlier, I don’t like being bored, and weddings are never boring. Each wedding is unique because the people are unique. There will be a new location, new theme, new decorations, and new people at each one. With each one, I get to create something new just for those people, and that lets me be creative.

Why I love being a wedding photographer sunset portrait

Every photographer has his or her own reasons why he or she might prefer to shoot something over something else, but this is why I’m a wedding photographer and why I plan on being one for as long as I can. Yes, I’ll continue shooting other things, but in my perfect world, this is what I would want to do every day.

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