About five or six years ago, I was introduced to the Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue. At that point, it was a new venue and not everything was finished. We were there for an engagement shoot, and I was just so impressed by the amount of land and how beautiful the place was. Since that initial engagement session, I’ve gotten to photograph at Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue several other times, and it has only gotten better and better.

sassafras springs vineyard Wedding venue

Sassafras Springs Vineyard is a big venue, and with that, they’ve built several different areas. First, you have the winery where they sell drinks. Attached to that building is a deck and down below there is an area that could be used for an outdoor reception. Next to the venue is the Lodge, which is a beautiful place for the wedding party or maybe family to stay. It also serves as a place for the bride to get ready. Another building that is used mainly for dressing is the Peacock room. It is on the hill and directly by the vineyards.

There are a few different spots for a wedding ceremony. The more popular and unique area is the chapel ruins. It’s a brick building but the walls aren’t complete and there is no ceiling. It’s a really unique looking building. Maybe 50 yards away, there is another area surrounded by trees that could also be used for a ceremony. Recently, they’ve added a covered area connected to the Stables that is a great outdoors option without having to worry about rain.

The largest building is the big red barn called the Stables where receptions are held. Inside is very classy. It’s a big open room and they have lights and rings that hang from the ceiling. There’s also an upstairs which works well for the DJ or is great for getting a high angled shot. There are also two bathrooms that are extremely nice.

It’s always exciting getting to photograph at the Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue. There are so many opportunities for photos, and it’s just a beautiful place. It makes my life super easy. It also has so many different options that it can fit any brides needs. If you’re expecting a large number of people or are looking for a unique ceremony setting, Sassafras Springs Vineyard is for you!