Barns have become really popular over the past 5 years or so. There are different types of barn venues in my mind. You have the barns that look like real barns and are much more rustic, and then you have the barns that are much fancier. The Barn at the Springs wedding venue fits into that second category. Honestly, if I wasn’t told it was a barn, I probably wouldn’t have ever really thought that. It just looks like a long, pretty building. I also always imagine barns being out in a field, but the Barn at the Springs Wedding Venue is nestled in the woods.

Everything about The Barn at the Springs is beautiful. Inside, you have a large open room with lights and these cool lit up trees. It’s perfect for the reception and dancing. Outside, you have a deck for ceremonies, and it’s got plenty of space to fit your guests. Then, there’s a secondary area that can be used for many things: dancing, the ceremony if the weather is bad, or just more space for people to hang out. All around you have nature. There’s a big field and tress, and these all work really well for photos.

The Barn at the Springs Wedding Venue

The buildings and surroundings are only a small part of what a venue offers. The more important thing is the overall experience and how you are treated. The Barn at the Springs excels in this area!

Honestly, the thing that impresses me the most about The Barn at the Springs is the owners, workers, and the customer service. Over the years, I have seen them do some amazing things for their couples: carry a 200 pound wood cross out to the ceremony site right before it started, build and upgrade the venue, and dry off a hundred chairs right after the rain. 

The real amazing thing is that all of these things were done by the owners and their family! They could easily pay someone else to do all the work, but they prefer to be there and do it themselves. You don’t see that kind of work ethic very often anymore. 

Yes, The Barn at the Springs is a beautiful wedding venue with plenty of great spaces, but you get so much more. You get the peace of mind that you will be taking care of and you will have a wonderful time!