The Barn at the Springs Wedding Venue

Springdale Arkansas is home to one of the most unique wedding venues in the area. The Barn at the Springs offers couples a beautiful and serene setting for their ceremony and reception, as well as stunning scenery for photos! It’s rustic yet elegant with so many features that make it perfect for any occasion. I’ve put together some of my favorite benefits below.

outside of The Barn at the Springs wedding venuefront of Barn at the Springs

Barns have become really popular over the past 5 years or so. There are different types of barn venues in my mind. You have the barns that look like real barns and are much more rustic, and then you have the barns that are much fancier. The Barn at the Springs wedding venue fits into that second category. Honestly, if I wasn’t told it was a barn, I probably wouldn’t have ever really thought that. It just looks like a long, pretty building. I also always imagine barns being out in a field, but the Barn at the Springs Wedding Venue is nestled in the woods.

The Barn at the Springs Wedding Venue

Inside the Barn at the Springs

One of the great thing about the inside of the barn is all the space and different options you have.

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is the center room where most of the activity will happen. It can be used for the ceremony, reception, or a dance floor. The Grand Hall has high ceilings with chandeliers that add a nice touch. I also love their decorations. They have these small trees with built in lights. They give off these perfect glow!

Reception site inside The Barn at the SpringsLight up trees at Barn at the Springs

In the Grand Hall, you also have access to the bridal suite and groom’s quarters.

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is the perfect spot for the ladies on the wedding day. It’s a beautiful white room with its own bathroom, several mirrors, and a couch.

dress hanging in bridal suite at Barn at the Springs

There’s plenty of space for the entire group and several family members. Often, the bride and bridesmaids will get ready there, and so will the mothers.

bridesmaids helping bride with hair bridesmaids sitting on couch with robes

Groom’s Quarters

The guys also have their own room and it was designed just for them. It’s got leather couches, a TV, and great decorations like a photo of Johnny Cash. I know the guys love hanging out in this room.

composite groomsmen photoguys hanging out in groom's quarters at Barn at the Springs


What about catering? Your caterer will love the huge kitchen. It’s connected directly to the Grand Hall, so there isn’t a huge distance to travel with the food. It has everything they need to prepare and serve a wonderful meal.

The Ceremony Hall

The ceremony hall is another room connected to the Great Hall. It can be used for an indoor wedding ceremony in case of bad weather or it’s an extra space for the reception. I’ve seen it used for the cocktail hour, a photo booth, or the dance floor.

ceremony hall at barn at the springs setup for wedding ceremonybride in front of doors at Barn at the Springs

Outside at the Barn at the Springs

If the inside wasn’t enough, the Barn at the Springs has even more to offer outside of the Barn.

Sunset Patio and Chapel Arbor

For those of you looking for an outdoor wedding ceremony, the Sunset Patio is the perfect spot. It’s connected to the Ceremony Hall, so the guests and bride can go directly from the air conditioning to the ceremony.

outdoors wedding at Barn at the Springs

The Chapel Arbor is a beautiful backdrop. The arbor has a bronze chandelier and behind it are trees and hills that turn a nice orange when the sun sets.

The Sunset Patio can hold over 200 people and still have space. I’ve yet to see a wedding fill the place up.

Backgrounds and Surrounding Area

The property and estate around the Barn is beautiful and perfect for wedding photography. You have rolling hills in one area, wide open spaces in another, and plenty of trees. The best part is it’s all on the family farm, so you don’t have distracting buildings or traffic like you would in the city.

swing at Barn at the Springsoutdoors portrait of bride and groomDipping bride during sunset


Wedding venues can be pricey, but so much of your wedding day depends on it. The Barn at the Springs has different pricing depending on when you are booking. You can expect to spend anywhere from $4000-$7000

What’s Included

You get so much when you rent The Barn. Below is a list of some of the best features that I haven’t mentioned, but there are even more. If you want a full list, check out this page.

  • On Site Manager
  • Guest tables,
  • Padded chairs
  • Linens
  • Two Serving Staff
  • Sound System with Mic
  • Sweetheart Table
  • Wooden Bistro Tables
  • Two Mobile Bars with Coolers

The Barn at the Springs wants your day to be wonderful, and they include several things to make that happen. First, the building is climate controlled, so you won’t be too cold or hot. The on site manager and two workers will make sure everything is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about putting out chairs or cleaning up at the end of the night! How great is that?


The Barn is located at 5190 AR-112, Springdale, AR 72762. GPS will get you there, but it is really easy to find on your own. If you are on highway 112, you continue north until you pass Elm Springs and a few minutes later it will be on the left.

First dance with lights hanging

The great thing about the location is that it is very rustic and located out in the country, but it’s not far from the major cities like Fayetteville or Rogers. You can get to the main highways in 5-10 minutes.

Major Benefits

There are so many great wedding venues in NWA. We have several barns, a famous glass chapel, a vineyard, and several other options. What makes the Barn at the Springs so great and different?

Indoor and Outdoor Options

I’ve photographed weddings at the Barn all year round. It can be hot, cold, or rainy outside. In all cases, I’m so glad that they have an indoor and outdoor option. You’ll feel very safe knowing that you can always change your plans if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

guys laughing at wedding


Some wedding venues will charge you for every little thing you need. The Barn at the Springs gives you so much, and there are no extra fees. Go back and look at the list of all the things included. Other wedding venues would charge another $1000-2000 for all of that.

Customer Service

Honestly, the thing that impresses me the most about The Barn at the Springs is the owners, workers, and the customer service. Over the years, I have seen them do some amazing things for their couples: carry a 200 pound wood cross out to the ceremony site right before it started, build and upgrade the venue, and dry off a hundred chairs right after the rain. 

venue owner working in the rain

The real amazing thing is that all of these things were done by the owners and their family! They could easily pay someone else to do all the work, but they prefer to be there and do it themselves. You don’t see that kind of work ethic very often anymore. 


Reviews are a really good way to judge a wedding venue. When you have hundreds of people attending a wedding every weekend, you’d think some people would get upset. The Barn has a 4.8 rating on Google. That’s impressive!

wide shot of bride and groom against a fence with sunset

A Customer First Wedding Venue

Yes, The Barn at the Springs is a beautiful wedding venue with plenty of great spaces, but you get so much more. You get the peace of mind that you will be taking care of and you will have a wonderful time! If you are looking for a barn wedding, rehearsal dinner, or event space in Northwest Arkansas, you’ve found the perfect spot!